Sunday 18 August 2013

Type-out no.2



  1. Well, that was just wonderful!
    You bring back to me many happy memories: on a trip to London, my wife and I had to kill some time after our flight landed before we could check into our hotel. We did so by strolling around Hyde Park, from Kensington to the Albert Hall and Serpentine. Nice to see it all again!

  2. What a beautiful little suspension bridge in your last photo ... I didn't get to spend much time in Kensington last month, but did visit Harrods, where I had a chat with a very nice salesperson in the fountain department about my Harrods (Olivetti MP1) typewriter:


    There is something about wandering with a typewriter that sharpens one's powers of observation. It's hyper-flânerie!

    1. That's Albert Bridge near the place where I live.

      And that Harrods/Olivetti is very handsome. It is interesting that the end plates of the carriage are chromed. I googled some more pictures of it and from what I see there were many colour variations of this machine - although for my liking this one should have the plates painted black to give the body a closure or the ribbon spool covers chromed.

  3. Oooh, London! I still need to visit it sometime. I wanted too since high school (like, ten years ago) but other things keep coming in between and now I still haven't crossed the pond. Your walk sound really lovely. Thanks for taking us with you!

  4. Sweet photos make me truly miss london and remind me I did not soend enough time there when I had the opportunity a few years ago.
    Real clean and beautiful typeface on your tippa