Saturday 10 August 2013

Type in? Type out!

Just a half of the sandwich here already...


  1. Nicely done! This post brings back many pleasant memories of a week I spent in London a couple years ago- such a wonderful city!

    I do much typing myself, but I think I would be very self-concious doing it in a public place. Good for you, carrying on while people watch. Can't wait to read more from London Town!

    1. Thank you! It is true that the typewriter's clickety-clack ads to your "visibility" so sometimes you wish you brought a noiseless machine at least.
      And to some people you may look like Fred Flinstone carving his messages on stone plates (with a soundtrack!) - which is probably the reason of more than half of the photos taken. I'm sure it will be passed around their friends with a sort of "look at the idiot!" comment ;) Anyway - my guess is that most of the people under 25 have never seen or heard a typewriter in action - yes, the time flies that fast apparently...

      But if not now - when? You'll never see those people again really. And I found that when you keep yourself busy putting the words together and just enjoy typing everything else just blurs out.

  2. I miss London intensely.

    Type on!

  3. A few pints and the oliver courier: perfect. Nice seating area in that pub.
    Next time im ever in london, must get me an oliver courier!