Sunday 20 October 2013


I typed this on my new Oympia Traveller - maybe it was used at sea as the letters go up and down like the waves... The previous text - about the Traveller funnily enough - was typed on H3K and it is as straight as an arrow.


  1. Great!

    Not my favorite typewriter, but it has its virtues, including outstanding alignment. Everyone should get to know the H3K.

  2. Yep, the H3k is right up there in the top 5, and is always a treat when it comes up in rotation, but it's got a weird, alien look and feel to it that I have to be in the mood for. Everyone should have one for sure! (:

  3. Congratulations on the fine find! I agree with Richard, not my favorite typewriter, but a fantastically engineered machine. I have several. I found the rounded ones to be much nicer typers than the squared ones. What I do find is that the H3k machines are less fatiguing when I type long documents. Maybe that is the reason behind the mushy feel.

    Ever wonder why unused machines are generally stored in attics where the heat dries the platens or in cellars where the dampness rusts and mildews the inner workings?

    1. Thank you! It is a great machine but I'm not going to get attached to it.

      We need to pray for these rare "closet classics" then. But that's another story ;)